Atom-photon bound states controls

Image credit: [Marco Scigliuzzo]


Engineering the electromagnetic environment of a quantum emitter gives rise to a plethora of exotic light-matter interactions. In particular, photonic lattices can seed long-lived atom-photon bound states inside photonic band gaps. Here, we report on the concept and implementation of a novel microwave architecture consisting of an array of compact superconducting resonators in which we have embedded two frequency-tunable artificial atoms. We study the atom-field interaction and access previously unexplored coupling regimes, in both the single- and double-excitation subspace. In addition, we demonstrate coherent interactions between two atom-photon bound states, in both resonant and dispersive regimes, that are suitable for the implementation of swap and cz two-qubit gates. The presented architecture holds promise for quantum simulation with tunable-range interactions and photon transport experiments in the nonlinear regime.

In Physical Review X
Marco Scigliuzzo
Marco Scigliuzzo
Post doc in Quantum Optics

My research interests include light-matter interaction in structured waveguides and quantum acoustic with superconducting circuits.